Board Executive, Directors and Committee Members

Club Executive

President Denice Langley
Vice-President Scott Martin
Secretary Sandy Currie
Treasurer Brigitte Stoer
Past President Sue Hill


Northern Zone Lesley Pryce
Area covers postal codes: K0M, K9V, L0C-L0N, L3P-L4F, L6A-L6G, L7B-L7E, L9L-L9F,L9Y-N0A,N0C, N0H, N4K-N4Nand all starting with P
Central Zone Dorcas Beaton
Area covers postal codes: L0P-L0S, L2A-L3M, L4T-L5W, L6H-L7A, L7G-L9K, L9T-L9W, M (except M0A) and all US locations
Eastern Zone Dawn O'Leary
Area covers postal codes: All K (except K0M or K9V) and L0A-L0B, L1A-L1Z
Western Zone Maja Westover
Area covers postal codes: N0A, NOB, N0E-N0G, N0J-N0R, N1A, N1C-N4G, N4S-N9Y


Shows & Trials Diane Loiseau
Membership Roger Payne
Editor Shelley Gerger
Webmaster Shannon Viljasoo
Public Relations Vacant